PPU-based Smartwatch

PPU-based Smartwatch

DeCloak Launches the Smart Watch Reference Design to De-Identify Users’ Personal Data

    DeCloak uses proprietary hardware-embedded algorithms, named PPU (Privacy Processing Unit) to licenses the de-identification and data analytics technology to customers. The de-identification technology is a PPU in the form of a 1x1mm chip, installed in the Smartwatch and data analytics tool is used at the data collection server.

    Take the Smart Watch for example; the personal privacy data e.g. GPS location, Communication, Photograph, and Personal health are de-identified before sent to the server. At the server end, the statistics can be extracted from the de-identified data through DeCloak’s data analytics tool. The de-identified data can be collected, analyzed for research institutes or insurance companies without worrying breaching individual’s privacy or breaking privacy regulations eg: GDPR.

    DeCloak’s algorithms can also be applied on large data collections, making it an ideal solution for industries where personal data privacy is of the utmost importance such as ISPs, Software as a Service, Healthcare and Insurance.

PPU-based Smartwatch Introduction