PP-SIM (Privacy Processing SIM)

    DeCloak Launches the PP-SIM is a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certificated hardware thin film with data processing capability to protect individual’s privacy while allows data to be aggregated, analyzed and even sold without worrying about breaking privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Combination of PP-SIM and SIM card

    PP-SIM is an algorithm-embedded hardware in a thin film form. The core technology of PP-SIM is “Differential Privacy” which can release statistics from sensitive user data while query of such released statistics cannot be used to infer to single individual, and therefore protects privacy. This method is already used by US Census Bureau to collect aggregate data and release statistical tables without identifying particular users. Apple and Facebook “claim” they apply the same method before analyze users’ behavior. However, the paradox is these internet companies still hold the original data. PP-SIM is positioned to solve this paradox as a trusted third party solution provider to (i) enable sensitive data de-identified a.k.a. anonymized before leave users’ personal devices while (ii) extracts the statistics from de-identified data without trace back to individual. PP-SIM can bridge the privacy protection and data analyzability and enables telecom, financial institutions, and government organizations to extend innovative mobile services in a secure and convenient manner.

    PP-SIM is attached on top of regular SIM card and still allows IoT devices to communicate with the main SIM card beneath the PP-SIM. With seamless combination of PP-SIM and SIM card, it opens up brand new opportunities for service providers to extend their services securely and conveniently while protecting user’s privacy on the mobile devices that were previously difficult to achieve.

PP-SIM combined with IoT devices

資安大會開跑 產業署以零信任資安打造可信賴台灣

經濟日報, 余弦妙, 2023/5/9Source : 聯合新聞網 產業署指出,今年台灣資安館匯集48家資安廠商參與展示,除了攤位區外另設置「零信任資安」、「半導體資安」、「物聯網資安」及「5G資安」等四大主題特展,以居家書房、辦公室、戰情室、半導體產線及銀行金庫等場景,搭配對應的解決方案展示操作,讓參觀者能沉浸式體驗資安的重要性,以及如何實際運用。