DeClaok will Exhibit in InnoVEX 2020

Privacy Processing Unit (PPU)

1. Our Hardware provides superior security and power efficiency over software solution.
2. Trust is the key. Users fully control over the data uploaded to cloud/SaaS. DeCloak is the independent 3rd party solution provider. Competitors are SaaS (eg. Google) who are the main beneficiary from exploiting user data while providing the de-identification solution.


Company Description

DeCloak:Privacy Processing Unit (PPU).
    The ultimate solution for keeping personal info secure while allowing businesses to gather and analyze valuable user behavior information.

    It can be used as an external dongle or embedded directly into a smartphone, a smart appliance, and an IoT device. The devices connected to the PPU can be used as usual, except your online behavior (eg: APP usages, website visited, location visited) is anonymous. 

    This technology lets user’s behavior data aggregators and data analysis companies see the forest without seeing any trees.


Source: InnoVEX

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