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Nowadays, We live in a world of Big Data. Every one of our interactions with the internet contributes even more data. Big data and analytics have become a great business opportunity. For instance, physiological signals is important for healthcare of older adults, and some valuable informations can be digged out by analyzing these data.

Opportunity come with risks. With the world is starting to realize the gravity of weaponizing personal information, not only customers are concerned about their data privacy, but also governments are starting to take a stand with ever stricter personal data protection regulations eg: GDPR.

According to the survey of Forbes, the cost of GDPR compliance is about $7.8 billion for Fortune 500 companies and $1.1 billion for FTSE 350 companies. In the era of GDPR, DeCloak intends to embrace such target market and restore the trust of privacy.

DeCloak developed the de-identify hardware that can be used as an external thin film attached to SIM card or can be embedded directly into a smartphone or other smart appliances or IoT devices.
Electronic devices connected to the de-identify hardware can be used as usual, except your online behavior is anonymous.
This technology lets user data aggregators and data analysis companies “see the forest without seeing any trees”.

Concerning personal identity and location gets exposed.
Concerning personal data goes through the hands of third parties.
Concerning lack of security protocols to protect personal data.
Concerning the hackers steal personal data online.

DeCloak, the ultimate solution for keeping personal info secure while allowing businesses to gather and analyze valuable user behavior information.