DeCloak released a unique GDPR-compliant data aggregator for consumer behavior analysis

Taiwan Tech Arena, TTA, January 06, 2021

There is now a better way for companies to study consumer behavior without violating personal privacy regulations. DeCloak Intelligences created PP-SIM as a differential privacy solution to protect individuals’ privacy while allowing their data to be aggregated, analyzed, and even sold without concerns over infringing privacy regulations.

The company’s patent-pending technology works with a broad range of AIoT devices such as medical, wearable, smart appliances, and utility meters, among others. Medical data is extremely private but also extremely valuable for researchers looking to find new cures. DeCloak’s solution bridges the need to protect patients’ data privacy and the need to provide data for researchers to analyze.

Data is the modern-day gold mine for companies

“We now live in a world of big data. Every one of our interactions with the internet contributes to even more data. Big data and analytics have become a great business opportunity. For instance, physiological signals are important for healthcare in older adults, and some valuable information can be gleaned by analyzing these data,” DeCloak founder and Co-President Justin Chueh said.

“The world is starting to realize the severity of weaponizing personal information. This has prompted governments to implement ever-stricter personal data protection regulations such as the GDPR. According to a survey published in Forbes, the cost of GDPR compliance totals about $7.8 billion for Fortune 500 companies and $1.1 billion for FTSE 350 companies.”

Chueh said DeCloak uses proprietary hardware-embedded algorithms that may be used as an external dongle or an IC embedded directly into a smartphone or another device. “From that point on the smartphone may be used in the same manner as always, except your online behavior is anonymized, he noted.

He explained that, from the ISP perspective, user behavior data can still be collected as it is no longer linked to a specific individual.

“It can be aggregated, analyzed, and even sold without worry of breaking privacy regulations. The solution is GDPR compliant, works in real-time, and gives users full control. It also generates very high fidelity information for businesses to utilize.”

IoT is now inside SIM cards

“Our algorithms can also be applied to large data collections, making it an ideal solution for industries where personal data security is of the utmost importance such as ISPs, Software as a Service, healthcare, and insurance,” Chueh said.

Chueh said there are several features of DeCloak’s PP-SIM. The first is that the add-on film to the main SIM card preserves the original SIM card function and allows for seamless adaptation to any device that takes a SIM card. Furthermore, PP-SIM has a higher level of security (over pure software solution), as every PP-SIM piece is unique during the manufacturing process, with an FIPS 140-2 level 3 certificated hardware thin film. Furthermore, it is both OS agnostic and fast processing. Lastly, the user controlled PP-SIM is attached on top of regular SIM cards and still allows IoT devices to communicate with the main SIM card beneath the PP-SIM.

“The seamless combination of PP-SIM and SIM card opens up new opportunities for service providers to extend their services securely and conveniently while protecting user privacy on mobile devices,” Chueh noted. This innovative application has earned Decloak Intelligence the selection of Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups showcased at CES 2021.

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Source : MEET創業小聚