About us

DeCloak's Establishment

DeCloak Intelligences Technology is a privacy computing company to allow personal data privacy can be easily managed. We have developed both software and hardware solutions to cover diversified application scenarios. Our hardware solutions were developed initially and first product was PPU (Privacy Processing Unit). PP-Dongle and PP-SIM were derived from PPU an can be implemented into different devices. Once people understand that their personal data is “cloaked” and protected, they can feel safe again and would be more open to participate and support data analysis. DeCloak’s core technology is to protect personal privacy and information security through the de-identification of data, the technology complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act 2018).

While the data protection industry is flooded with encryption and anonymization technology, DeCloak differentiates itself with data de-identification technology via both hardware and software protection to ensure that data is cloaked from the moment data is stored. The cloaked data can be de-cloaked through our patented algorithm, and the resulting de-identified data then can be used for precise big data analytics, notably AI prediction models. With the rise of 5G era, the application fields for DeCloak’s solutions are broad, including: smart home appliances, mobile devices, smart city construction to medical field, any field concerning the issue of data privacy.

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