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DeCloak possesses highly analyzable data de-identification algorithm. The patented technology can collect, analyze and utilize data without infringing on personal privacy. Although the result allows you to see the overall picture but detail cannot be grasped, thus achieving the concept of "seeing the forest but not trees". DeCloak's PPU was made into a chip with size of a grain of rice, making it a highly secure and efficient user privacy processing chip. Combined with the corresponding artificial intelligence data prediction algorithm, the data can be highly analyzable while maintaining high privacy. Through DeCloak's solution, service providers can formulate more precise business strategies and create a win-win situation for users with better service quality.

At present, most of the privacy protection solutions in the market utilize common technologies such as data encryption, data masking or software de-identification but there are concerns regarding those methods such that: the insecurity of key storage in the data encryption method may still lead to information leakge, the masked infomration may be attacked by chain data to cause uneffective data privacy protection and eventually lead to deviated data analysis result. DeCloak understands the pain of mentioned above and have developed both “hardware chip” and “software solution” to ensure secured data privacy. The types of data can be processed are diverse and extensive; no matter what the form of data is, as long as it is a digital signal, it can be processed via DeCloak’s solutions. Also, DeCloak’s solutions also support csv file upload to proceed with data de-identification upon data collection. The application fields for DeCloak’s solutions are broad, including: smart home appliances, mobile devices, smart city construction to medical field, any field concerning the issue of data privacy and require compliance to GDPR or any other data privacy regulations can be applied. DeCloak’s de-identification software is engined with differential privacy algorithm that it is capable of tranforming original data to de-identifed data.


Data Privacy Solutions Provided by DeCloak

DeCloak provides a series of software and hardware systems for different levels of data security and privacy requirement base on its core technologies – differential privacy and searchable encryption. Product line-ups including: DeCloakVision: Multi-Modal AI Privacy-Enhancing Surveillance System, DeCloakFace: Obfuscated image deep learning facial recognition model, SOE Enterprise: Secure and Searchable Encryption Platform, PPU: AI prediction model integrated circuit known as privacy processing unit, PP-Dongle: dongle with built-in PPU, and privacy preserving software and APPs.

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