Privacy-Preserving Pandemic Prevention APP for Covid-19

The APP with privacy preservation provides users in various regions with real-time understanding of health-related information released by the government which adopts DeCloak‘s de-identification technology to track and match the footprints of confirmed patients while maintaining location privacy of all users. Users can achieve the purpose of epidemic prevention through this APP.

Users can learn about potential risks geographically and predict the risks of going to certain destinations through this APP, such understanding can be used as a reference for decision-making before planning where to head to.

資安大會開跑 產業署以零信任資安打造可信賴台灣

經濟日報, 余弦妙, 2023/5/9Source : 聯合新聞網 產業署指出,今年台灣資安館匯集48家資安廠商參與展示,除了攤位區外另設置「零信任資安」、「半導體資安」、「物聯網資安」及「5G資安」等四大主題特展,以居家書房、辦公室、戰情室、半導體產線及銀行金庫等場景,搭配對應的解決方案展示操作,讓參觀者能沉浸式體驗資安的重要性,以及如何實際運用。


嵌入式系統導入AI元素  關鍵仍在應用落地與技術升級

DIGITIMES企劃, 洪千惠, 2023/3/31Source : DIGITIMES 嵌入式系統在產業上的發展由來已久,從晶片、軟體到系統端,無不與嵌入式系統有所關連,從應用領域來看,如工控、智慧工廠與智慧城市等垂直應用,也多與嵌入式系統脫不了關係。另一方面,AI近年來的發展已有一定的成熟度,對嵌入式系統的應用升級帶來相當大益處,且早有不少業者積極布局,為客戶解決諸多實際場景的疑難雜症。為能一窺近年嵌入式系統產業發展的全貌,DIGITIMES日前舉辦嵌入式系統開發應用論壇,就相關的系統與晶片發展狀況進行完整探討。