DeCloakVision (Multi-Modal AI Privacy-Enhancing Surveillance System)

DeCloakVision is an innovative privacy-enhancing surveillance system that employs advanced techniques to protect individuals’ privacy while enabling the targeted observation and tracking of specific activities. The system utilizes decentralized AI models, leveraging well-designed differential privacy and homomorphic encryption technologies to facilitate secure and anonymous tracking of individuals without compromising their identities or the privacy of the general public. DeCloakVision’s cutting-edge multi-modal deep neural network (DNN) model ensures high efficiency in human image processing tasks and accuracy in recognition tasks, while providing differentially private de-identification and quantum safe encryption to safeguard image data. The system seamlessly integrates with existing surveillance infrastructure and offers a robust solution to address the challenges of mass surveillance while upholding individual privacy rights.

Privacy-Preserving Al Operating ModeI

Features of DeCloakVision: