Taiwan Brings 96 Startups to Attend CES 2023

EETimes, NSTC, 2022/12/29
Source :  EETimes

The NSTC of Taiwan announced the “CES 2023 Press Conference” at Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), and selected 96 Taiwan Startup to join CES 2023 …

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan announced the “CES 2023 Press Conference” at Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) on Dec 28, 2022. Minister of NSTC Tsung-Tsong Wu addressed that CES 2023 collaborated with the NSTC, the National Development Council (NDC), The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA), and will bring 96 startups to Las Vegas to join the CES.

Through CES 2023, the United States, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, and Israel are invited to announce the joint promotion of TIE Award together, to provide global startup landing Taiwan and to collaborate with Taiwan ICT industry.

It’s been proved that the national development policy has successfully supported startups internationally and allowed the world to see Taiwan’s advantages. In CES 2023, the Tech Innovation Excellence Award 2023 (TIE Award) will be promoted in the United States, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, and Israel. It aims to welcome international startups to establish local development, build new innovative applications in Taiwan, and drive Taiwan and the world closer.

Taiwan Pavilion at CES 2023 Focuses on Digital Health and Net-Zero Technology

The NSTC selected 96 Taiwan Startup to join CES 2023 which over 30% of university startups focusing on Digital Health, Lifestyle, AI & Cybersecurity, Climate Tech, and more. Taiwan Pavilion (TTA), is launching the interactive technology solution of digital health, sport tech, and climate tech. It will increase the new experience of knowing Taiwan’s innovation technology and to enhance international collaboration opportunities.

Furthermore, Taiwan has received 10 CES 2023 Innovation Award from Taiwan in 8 industries which are Artificial Intelligence, CytoAurora, Decloak Intelligence, ible Technology, NeuinX, Mindtronic AI, Neurobit Technologies, PanelSemi Corporation, and Quantum Music.

7 Countries Announced TIE Award 2023 at CES

TTA Grand Opening at CES 2023 will invite the United States, Canada, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, and Israel to announce the joint promotion of TIE Award 2023. TIE Award is the first innovation award to attract global talents and build international collaboration from Taiwan. TIE Award 2022 was the first year to select the best of semiconductor innovative technology application and talents from all over the world; in 2023, the award is not only focus on Semiconductor Application but also Net-zero Emission. Therefore, the mission of CES 2023 is to attract more nation startups and talents to collaboration with Taiwan.

CES 2023 Innovation Award Startups Introduction

Artificial Intelligence : Slimca is designed and manufactured by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CO., LTD. in Taiwan. Slimca replaces heavy voice recorders, making voice notes as convenient as a smartphone without using up the smartphone’s battery. Slimca is designed the size of a credit card, perfectly invisible in the wallet to make storage and wear convenient for the user.

CytoAurora: CytoAurora is a biotechnology company focused on developing Cell technology and Diagnostic/CDMO application platforms. Our team consist of expertise from Biomedical sciences, Electronics engineers, Automation engineers and Semiconductor process engineers and make the best of cross-field integration.

ible Technology: ible is an IoT & wearable device company, is to design products bringing better living quality and protection to loved ones. We insist in high standard through numerous analysis and testing, aiming to provide simple, efficient, and good design products for daily life.

Decloak Intelligences: DeCloak Intelligences utilizes technologies:Differential Privacy and Searchable Encryption to develop solutions with analyzable data de-identification and encryption data mining algorithm which can be used to collect, analyze and compute data which comply with privacy protection regulations.

NeuinX: We are a passionate and innovative team from National Tsing Hua University that consists of Taiwan’s top talents. Our team has been in the sports image analysis field for more than 15 years and has published works in many top international conferences and journals.

Mindtronic AI: Mindtronic AI, 3D AR HUD is a system integrated into the user’s car that exhibits an AR display on the windshield for the driver. By detecting driver’s inattention level under any dynamic environment, helping prevent accident, the eye-tracking system with 1mm margin of error to infer driver’s target of interest by learning from driver’s gaze and driving behavior.

MBRAN FILTRA CO., LTD.: Mbran Filtra is established in 2019 focus on membrane filtration materials study and develop. Our exclusive NTV-IPS process to form asymmetrical porous structures to customize a reliable portfolio of microfiltration membranes, can be used across many industries, desalination or wastewater.

Neurobit Technologies Co., Ltd.: With the aim of providing revolutionary technology to the medical community, Neurobit integrated both hardware and software system which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for improved diagnostic precision that eases the lives of healthcare professionals around the globe.

PanelSemi Corporation: Panel Semi is the first provider of the Panel Foundry Business Model around global, which support customer to adopt an ecosystem of TFT-LCD resources for product innovation. Primary Screen is world’s first portable & flexible AM mini LED display that enables 4 pcs 55″ screen jointing together into a 110″ screen in minutes, it provides practical usability that users can display in curved, cylindrical, and flat conditions.

Quantum Music Co., Ltd.: Q-bear use exclusive artificial intelligence technology to analyze babies’ needs from the crying, in order to help parents react easily when babies’ needs are easily recognized. There are four Identifiable needs: Hungry, Diaper changing, Sleepy and Comforting. Furthermore, Q-bear can also detect babies’ discomfort index for parents to further understand babies’ health situation.